More Than Just A Wife & Mom


Hi Jewel, Howdy

Yes, I call you Jewel because you’re absolutely precious and a gem of inestimable value.
I am super-duper delighted to have you here at the hub. Here, we are thriving moms who understand purpose, who serve not only our homes but society at large with our unique giftings, talents, skills and unique abilities. We recognize, refine and release our potential for the good of humanity; understand our roles as women, wives and mom and express them with strength and love.

How may I help you?

Learn practical solutions that teach you to become the woman, wife and mother GOD already intended for you to be so that you can thrive as the best version of yourself and positively impact society.

amarachi igwe, thrive queen


Exceptional insights to the amazing thrill of what being a super supportive wife entails & practical ways of excelling at executing this role.

amarachi igwe, thrive queen


Tremendous knowledge that will enable you live intentionally and purposefully, while maximizing your fullest potential as a woman wife and mom.

amarachi igwe, thrive queen


Authentic facts and information around the intricacies of being a mom and finding joy and fulfillment in your special role as one.