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Embrace your Individuality

Hiiiiiiii Jewel, I’m super super delighted to have you here at the ‘Being You’ section of the Thriving Moms Hub. Having you here is literally fuel to my passion, I am just because you are and I can’t wait to see all the amazing, amazing things that are going to happen on this journey. So, lets get to it, yaaaaayyyy!


thrivingmomshub, amarachi igwe kalu

So what do you think of when you hear ‘’Embracing your individuality? For me, I always think of those punch lines people give while speaking, to make an impression (haha!).

But then, as punchy as “EMBRACING YOUR INDIVIDUALITY” sounds it’s actually a very simple concept that has everything to do with your ability to thrive as a woman, wife and mother…

It simply means loving and accepting yourself for who you are.

Your individualities are your unique gifting, talents, and abilities, those things that make you unique and help you stand out from others. They are attributes that you possess that make you, the you, you are. If you’re going to thrive as a woman, wife and mom, you must embrace your unique attributes and realize that they are there for a reason, which is largely to help you fulfill your God-given roles as a woman.


Embracing your individuality is solely about loving, appreciating, and accepting the things that make you unique, whether they are pleasant or not. 

It is extremely empowering and fills you with the confidence you need to execute your various roles effectively. Your genuine love for yourself helps you believe that you are enough: tall, short, fat, slim, quiet, reserved, loud, etc. When you embrace your individuality you accept that you are enough and full of everything you need to fulfill purpose while being an amazing wife and incredible mom. It all stems from accepting and embracing your individuality.

But in reality though, this is not as easy as it sounds, for some people embracing their individuality is a lot more difficult than it is for others. For them it’s a process that takes a while and loving themselves for who they really are is almost impossible either as a result of their background, cultural conditioning, past experiences or even current situations.

Here are very practical ways you can see yourself differently, fall in love with yourself and embrace your individuality so that you can thrive in your GOD-given responsibility as woman, wife and mother.

How To Embrace Your Individuality:

thrivingmomshub, amarachi igwe kalu

I don’t know how you came into this world, if you were thrown down from the sky {haha!} or some other way, but what I do know is that, if you were conceived in a womb, incubated in that womb and delivered as a baby, then you are SO not a mistake!

You are wonderfully, beautifully and excellently created for a unique purpose, by an infallible GOD, who doesn’t make mistakes, who is very intentional and who very intentionally and deliberately created you, so you just cannot be a mistake.

GOD thought about you and went on to create you for a unique purpose and assignment. The family you were born into and the parents HE gave to you were all intentional and for the bigger picture of your life. It doesn’t matter what circumstances surrounded your birth, the truth remains that you are a carefully thought out creation.

thrivingmomshub, amarachi igwe kalu

In scripture, GOD specifically says that HE knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb and while your bones were being formed and carefully put together in the womb, while you were growing there in secret, he knew you were there.

HE goes on to say that before you were even conceived, all the days allotted for you to live on earth have all been recorded and predestinated, before any of them even began! What an intentional GOD!

thrivingmomshub, amarachi igwe kalu

Here is something profound about this scripture Psalms 139:16, that I will love to point out again; it shows you that GOD already knew you before your mom ever even became pregnant for you, before your parents ever even thought of having you, while you were without form, GOD already knew you.

Dear Jewel, GOD did not find out that your mom was pregnant for you and then started thinking of what to do with you, no way.  You are not an after-thought, HE carefully thought about who he wanted you to be, then fashioned you with everything you’ll ever need to become that woman, and then planted you in your mother’s womb to start growing, and watched you from that moment, saw your bones forming and coming together and kept you healthy in the womb until you were delivered.

It’s like an architect designing the specifics of a house to fit the purpose for which it is being built, long before it’s foundation or the first stone that will be used in it is ever laid. Do you see, you are not a mere product of sexual intercourse between two people, neither are you a product of happenstance; you are GOD’s well thought out plan, equipped to provide a unique solution to a pressing need in society.

amarachi igwe, thrive queen

You are phenomenal, GOD has an amazing purpose and plan for your life and knows where you are now. HE knew exactly what HE was doing when he decided that HE needed you on this on earth and went all out to create you; picked the right father, mother, siblings and birth circumstance to give you the perfect experience, environment and abilities that will incubate, aid and eventually birth the purpose for which HE created you.  

Darling Jewel, If GOD, as wise, perfect and infallible as HE is, thought it wise to create you, make no mistakes about it dear Jewel, YOU ARE BY NO MEANS A MISTAKE.

Understanding this will greatly boost your self-worth and enable you embrace your individuality, knowing that you were intentionally and deliberately fashioned the way you are, for a unique purpose and assignment.


You are GOD’s masterpiece, HIS very own child and he loves you unconditionally just the way you are.  So much so, that HE gave HIS ONLY begotten son to die for YOUR sake. This is a glaring proof that GOD sees you as valuable and you must see yourself that way.

It doesn’t do you any good whatsoever to walk around with a second class opinion of yourself when your father and creator is the most high GOD, the owner of the universe who deemed it fit to create you. HE completely and absolutely loves and accepts you regardless of the flaws or defects you may see or imagine in yourself. GOD looks at you and says “I love you. You are accepted and you are valuable to me. If GOD loves and accepts you just the way you are, who are you to not love and accept yourself JUST the way you are.

thrivingmomshub, amarachi igwe kalu

You are fashioned the way you are, in your physical attributes and your personality, to suit GODs divine purpose for your life. Out of HIS genuine love for you, he equipped you ahead of time with everything you will ever need to be the woman, wife and mother he created you to be. So whether you are an introvert, extrovert, tall or short, it’s all geared towards enabling you maximize your potential and fulfil purpose in your different roles as a woman. GOD is freaking intentional like that!

thrivingmomshub, amarachi igwe kalu

So when He looks at you, he sees you as his beloved child full of amazing gifts and potentials and loves you the way you are.

Understanding GODs’ genuine love for you and seeing yourself the way GOD sees you, will enable you embrace your individuality, and accept for yourself the enormous value that GOD places on you. It will help you genuinely love yourself and appreciate the innate abilities that He fashioned you with knowing that they are intentional and there for a purpose.


Be You, Unapologetically! Owning your truth is about being your most authentic self, and not apologizing for it. I mean, if GOD was super intentional about making you who you are, why should you be apologetic about it? Express your most authentic self and do it with your head held high up, knowing your Father loves and needs you that way.

The world needs you in the best version of your most authentic self, we have seen others, we don’t need you showing up as anyone, because you can ONLY be the best version of YOU not anyone else. You can only maximize potential being YOU, authentically YOU.

thrivingmomshub, amarachi igwe kalu

Owning your truth is really about loving and accepting yourself for who you are NOW while working to become the best version of yourself. It’s not having an inflated opinion of yourself, no! It is loving yourself based on a proper understanding of your place in the love of GOD and in relationship to GOD and others.

It’s boldly being yourself and not apologizing to anyone about choosing to be who GOD has created you to be.

Do not apologize for not being loud or for being too quiet, that’s who you are, OWN IT.

Do not apologize for being vocal or expressive, that’s who you are, OWN IT.

thrivingmomshub, amarachi igwe kalu

Do not apologize for wanting to dress a particular type of way, that’s who you are, OWN IT.

Most of us spend our days living up to expectations and definitions, pretending to be who we are not. Owning your truth is about living your most truthful self. It is knowing that you are enough in your own capacity and you don’t need to be anything more than the best version of your own self.

When you own your truth, you embrace your individuality and the unique attributes that make you, YOU. That way you are able to confidently execute your roles as a woman, wife and mom, knowing that you are amazing just the way you are.


Hahaha, I hear someone saying, of course he does, He is GOD naaa? I know He knows where I am, hahaha. I know it sounds really funny and is pretty obvious that God knows you and where you are, but do you really understand to what extent HE KNOWS YOU? Let me show you something in the next paragraph, and I urge you to please pay very detailed attention to it and read it word for word…

“LORD , you have examined me and you know me.  You know everything I do; from far away you understand all my thoughts.  You see me, whether I am working or resting; you know all my actions.  Even before I speak, you already know what I will say.  You are all round me on every side; you protect me with your power.  Your knowledge of me is too deep; it is beyond my understanding.  Where could I go to escape from you? Where could I get away from your presence?  If I went up to heaven, you would be there; if I lay down in the world of the dead, you would be there.  If I flew away beyond the east or lived in the farthest place in the west, you would be there to lead me, you would be there to help me”. Psalms 139:1-12 GNB

Hahaha, I feel like screaming!!! Darling Jewel, GOD knows you and exactly where you are, HE knows you’re a wife/soon-to-be wife, He knows you’re a mom/soon-to-be mom, He knows that you are a purpose driven young woman and you want to maximize your potential as a woman, while being a beautifully supportive wife and an excellent mom, HE knowsss, and guess what? HE is there in it with you. HIS knowledge of you is deep!

See, let me show you something else! A different translation puts verses seven and eight this way; If I climb to the sky, you’re there! If I go underground, you’re there!

This means, when you feel great and feel like you’re getting it (climb to the sky), HE IS THERE! when you feel low and feel like you’re making a mistake (go underground), HE IS RIGHT THERE, HE is always there, never left you for one minute and never will…

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He is right there to lead you, to guide you and help you, however high or low you may feel as you navigate your roles as a woman, wife and mom. HE IS THERE, and HE knows exactly where you are and has your life perfectly figured out even if you can’t see it right now. HE knows exactly where you are and how exactly you are doing emotionally and mentally and knows exactly how to bring you from this place where you are presently, to where he wants you to be as a woman, wife, and mom. You just have to trust HIM completely to do that and walk/work with HIM.

Understanding that GOD knows your very thoughts, knows what you want, knows who you are and knows where you are right now, will enable you embrace your individualities and love yourself for who you are and where you are presently, knowing that you are on a journey and your guide is JESUS whose thoughts for you are thoughts of peace to bring you to an expected end. Isn’t that aaaaaaaaaaaawesome?

So Jewel, these are four perfect ways you can embrace your individualities and genuinely love yourself for who you are at every point in your journey as you continue to evolve to become the woman GOD has called you to be.

By embracing your individuality, you acknowledge that you are truly enough just the way you are and capable of functioning effectively in your different roles as a woman because you know that GOD made no mistakes about creating you a woman and if he let you become a wife and mom, it’s because HE has already adequately equipped you before the beginning of time, with everything you will need to excel in these roles.

Understanding this truth and embracing your individuality is fundamental to thriving in your different roles as a woman. It will enable you thrive and confidently maximize your potential, as the woman, wife and mom that GOD called you to be.

I truly hope that this has helped you fall in love with yourself and be more confident in being who you really are as well as give yourself the permission to express the original you while becoming the best version of YOURSELF that there could ever be.

I truly cannot wait to see you in the next blog, I’m already over the moon excited about it          See you soon…

To your distinguished excellence,

The Thrive Queen

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