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Eye on the Vision

Hiiiiii Jewel, super excited to have you here again at the “being you” section, drum rollsssss….. you’re more than amazing and I love love hanging out with you every time there’s something new to talk about here under ‘being You’…

Today, we’re discussing “eye on the vision”

It literally means eye on the vision… keeping an eye on the vision and not losing it…

Holding on to the kind of woman you want to be and the kind of life you want to have as a woman, wife and mom- thats simply what vision is.

Vision is a picture of the kind of future you want to have, a pictorial representation of the kind of life you want to have in future. Do you want to be a career woman who has a 9-5 and goes to work in the morning, comes back in the evening and spends time with her husband and kids? or do you want to be a stay at home mom who runs a business from home, makes money and equally spends time with her husband and kids? or a working mom, fulfilling purpose, being more, contributing to the home, society and being the best version of herself?… Paint a picture of what EXACTLY you want and how you want it… THAT’S YOUR VISION! Hold on to it and keep an eye on it.

It is imperative that you pay attention to keeping the vision alive even if you have no clue whatsoever or even the slightest idea how it’s going to happen, or if nothing around you currently looks like it… just hold on very tightly and keep the vision alive.

Effectively functioning in your various roles as a woman can be very demanding and tasking, both mentally, emotionally and physically, almost leaving you no room to be or do anything else… in times like this, you need to have a strong resolve to hold on to your vision and not lose it regardless. That season might require you to just BE and that’s okay.

Growing up as a young lady, I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be in future, I just didn’t how I was going to become her. I believed very strongly in the concept of the wife fulfilling her unique purpose and contributing financially to the home, while being super supportive of her husband as well as being an excellent mom and didn’t belong to the school of thought that any woman should have to lose herself in marriage for any reason. This was the image of mum hood and wifehood that I had for the longest time. So, getting married, I held on to my belief and my sense of purpose and was determined to be more than just a wife and mom.

Fast forward, twelve months into the marriage, I had my daughter and then got called to serve under the National Youth Service Corps when she was eleven months old.

As a young mom, 23 at the time, with an eleven-month-old baby, I held on to my sense of purpose and the kind of woman, wife and mom I wanted to be. I did a lot of research to enable me give my baby the best, supported my husband in ministry, gave my best at my workplace and carried out a Community Development Project that eventually earned me an award as the most outstanding corps member in FCT that year. By the time I was passing out, I was thriving and felt so fulfilled, plus my daughter was almost two and I was ready for another baby.

I did conceive and take in but this time, I had just finished NYSC and wasn’t really doing anything and the driven passionate woman in me struggled with this. I knew quite well that I was made for more, I just didn’t know what that more was at the time. The fact that I was pregnant didn’t help matters either, it just made me feel even more incapacitated.

I remember attending an entrepreneurial event at 5 weeks pregnant and watching the women proudly displaying their products and feeling so bad and disappointed in myself that tears welled up in my eyes. I felt I needed to be doing something like these women were but I also felt completely helpless at the time because I had absolutely no idea what it was I should be doing, so I simply just stayed pregnant, hahahaha, but never lost sight of the kind of woman I knew I wanted to be and believing that I would eventually become her.

So throughout the pregnancy, I committed to reading books and doing a lot of research.  I remember reading a book called ‘Woman, an asset to the Nation’ by Nike  Adeyemi where she said and I quote:

“For now, GOD may not allow you do some form of secular work. HE may for the time being consign you to being a nursing mother, to stay with your kids because some children need their mothers longer than others. GOD who knows the destiny of each child knows whether this child needs a working mother or one at home for a certain time in it’s life. As with grown-ups, children could be extroverts or introverts. One child may need it’s mother to be home till he or she is five years old while another might need the mother till they are twelve. We just need to flow with GOD”

This was like a light bulb moment for me and really strengthened and re-energized me. So I made up my mind that I was going to stay home, take care of my pregnant self, feed my vision, have my baby and carefully nurture him until he turns one (that was the much I could do o, five years was unimaginable for me), so, yes, I decided I was going to do all of that until he turns one, then launch out to work on my own dreams, visions and aspirations.

I did just that and a month after my baby turned one… I went back to work and officially launched my NGO few months later as well.

Now, four years down the line, very recently, I got featured on an online platform and this is what my professional biography looked like:

I feel like dancing right nowwww, I eventually thrived and I am super convinced you most definitely will too dear Jewel, you willlll…

Here is the lesson here, right?

I thrived simply by “being” even though I couldn’t “do” in that season. I kept the vision alive by reading books and basically acquiring knowledge about topics that I was both deeply interested in or slightly interested in, I just read and that helped me keep the vision alive.

Keeping the vision alive is empowering, it helps you understand that this is a season that will pass and that soon enough you will have some control over your life and more time to pursue the things that matter to you.

So instead of getting discouraged over your inability to ‘do’ at the moment and becoming frustrated or sinking into depression, you accept the season for what it is, rejoice in it, live and be involved in the moment, prepare for the next season and thrive in this one with your eye on the vision

Wooowwww… I just shared a bit of my story that I didn’t even consider as one… isn’t it amazing how intentional GOD is.

Alrigghhtt, let me now share other things that I did that helped me keep an eye on my vision, asides reading and researching like I already mentioned…


It is very important to keep your relationship with GOD alive. Making out time daily to fellowship and spend time with GOD is extremely invigorating, it strengthens, refreshes and energizes you to keep going. It also fills you with wisdom and insight to know what to do per time and how to navigate the season that you are in.

It is in the place of prayer that you know what the mind of GOD is concerning where you are and what exactly you should be doing about your dreams, visions and aspirations at the moment. You’ll know if patience is what you need in that season or if you should go hard after your dreams and aspirations and becoming the woman whom GOD has called you to be. A close personal relationship with GOD will reveal all this and provide you with insights, wisdom and direction. He’ll either speak expressly to you, or show you through images and pictures that fill your heart when you pray( Yes, those images are how GOD speaks to us too) or he could order your steps to find your answers in a book like he did for me.

In all, dear Jewel, you want to ensure that your relationship with GOD is strong and unbroken, that you’re spending quality, unrivaled time, sitting at the feet of your father and fellowshipping with him on a daily. This is definitely the surest way to keep your vision alive and thrive.


Go out, attend events and socialize. You might have to go with your baby if you have one, and that’s fine.

Attending events and listening to seasoned speakers is one sure way to keep your vision alive. Attend events in line with what you are passionate about or generally uplifting events. They could be professional, spiritual, or entertaining. Just make sure it is uplifting and the speakers are admirable people.

Just being around purposeful people has a way of rubbing off on you as well as service your dreams and vision. You learn from their lived experiences and the lessons they’ve learned on their journey and sometimes, just the clarity you get from such meetings take your own dreams and visions to a whole new level.

Endeavor to go out occasionally to socialize, network and meet new and likeminded people, emphasis on like-minded. This will help you keep an eye on your vision and service it regardless of what the circumstance may be.

When you go out for these events, make an effort to connect with one or more people whom you will like to stay in touch with for various reasons. Approach them, make small talk and exchange contacts including social media handles. This is how you grow your network. Keep in touch with them. A great way to do this is making sure to send them a message via any method of contact you guys established, letting them know it was nice meeting them at the event and you look forward to getting to know them better as time goes on. Your tone will depend on the event and the scenario at the event when you guys met.

Meeting, engaging and networking with 1-3 people at any event is a perfect way to forge new relationships. You don’t need to meet everyone that attended the event, just a few that catch your interest is fine, even if it’s just one person. The key is to be strategic.


Invest in yourself just because you are worth it… take courses in the area of your interest whatever it maybe at the moment. You want to be abreast with what is happening by the time you are ready to “do”. You also want to be very informed to enable you package your unique gifts, talents and skills as value and solutions to problems around you. Take as many courses as you can from free ones to paid ones, just make sure information is constantly going into your brain, hahahaha. You can sign up on any of the platforms like Udemy etc. that offer online courses and take the ones that resonate with you right where you are at the moment.

So yeah, these are really great ways to keep an eye on the vision and ensure that your dreams, passion, and purpose are not lost as you serve your roles as a woman, wife and mom, rather they are being refined to become solutions in society, when you are eventually ready to ‘do’.

I hope this was as much fun for you as it was for me….

Looking forward to hanging out with you in our next post…

For Now,

To your distinguished excellence…

The Thrive Queen…

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