the secret to thriving

The Ultimate Secret to Thriving

The secret to thriving

Hi Jewel, soooo excited to be with you again at the “Being You’ section…
I simply can’t get over this excitement every time I have to share something with you…
Today its “The Ultimate Secret To Thriving As A Woman’ that we’ll be talking about.
I’ll share this with us from Matthew 16: 13-15, a text that shows us so much about how to thrive as young women, wives, and mothers…

“When Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Phillippi, He asked His disciples, saying “Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?”
So they Said, “Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”
He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?

In this scripture, we can see Jesus interviewing His disciples and asking them, who do men say that I am? And they answered, some say John the Baptist, some Elijah and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets. Then Jesus goes on to ask them but, who do you say that I am?

This is interesting because you will think that Jesus will be satisfied in knowing who the majority says that he is. You will think that Jesus will be more interested in who the crowd says that he is rather than in whom one person says that He is.

But Jesus asked, who do you say that I am?, I have heard who men say that I am but I want to know who you as a person, says that I am.

Dear Jewel, beyond what ‘men’ are saying, beyond what every other person is saying, GOD is interested in your personal revelation of HIM. He desires a close relationship with you so that you can say for yourself, this is who GOD is. Not the GOD you have heard people, your parents, pastors and teachers talk about but the GOD you know for yourself. Who do you say that GOD is?


GOD desires a close relationship with YOU, yes YOU, he wants to be your friend, he wants you to experience Him for who He is on a personal level. He wants to teach you and direct you and show you what to do at every stage you are in your life as a woman. GOD wants a personal relationship WITH YOU.

This is the secret to Thriving as a Woman. When you are in a close, personal relationship with GOD, HE shows you how to wife, how to mom and how to be the best version of yourself. You just know that HE is with you at every point in time.
We must pay attention to fellowshipping with GOD and cultivating a personal relationship with HIM. We should endeavor to make out time to spend in his presence either by singing worship songs, praying in other tongues (if you can), praying in plain English and studying the word.

It is in these moments, that he fills you with unimaginable grace and strength for each new day. He shows you pictures while you pray that show you what to do. In these moments, he prepares you and fills you with peace, calm and wisdom that passes understanding.


This is one great secret for Thriving as a woman, wife and mom- a personal relationship with GOD.
This was thing that really worked for me, I will spend not less than 30 mins in GOD’s presence, just worshipping and praying in other tongues and those moments filled me with so much grace, strength and clarity to thrive as my best self and as a wife and mom.
I created time for it by waking up earlier than the rest of the family and having my ‘me and GOD time’, those moments are priceless and they just kept me on top of my game.

Whatever you do, please endeavor to have this time and trade it for nothing. Find a suitable time that works for you and make sure that every day, you are creating time to spend in GOD’S presence, even if its for 10mins. It works and the rewards are in boundless measures. This is the secret to thriving.

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