About the Thrive Queen

Amarachi Igwe Kalu

About Me

I am Amarachi Igwe Kalu, fondly called the Thrive Queen; a personal development coach for young women and the vessel entrusted with, The Thriving Moms Hub. I am also the Executive Director, Thriving Up Network, a social impact hub in Nigeria; as well as the CEO, Thriving Up Initiative, a non-governmental organization.

I am super stoked about having you here at the hub and to begin this priceless sisterhood with you that promises to be fun, beautiful and exciting…

Let me introduce you to the fascinating concept of The Thriving Mom and what the Thriving Moms Hub is really about and why I am this excited that you are here…

So, a Thriving Mom is a young woman, wife and mother who excels at her role as a wife, and as a mom and equally maximizes her unique potential as an individual thereby positively impacting her society and the world around her.

The concept of the thriving mom is hinged on the principle that in every woman lies a unique gift and potentials that must be served to society beyond her home and extended family and The Thriving Moms Hub speaks to women, every woman, every wife that they can be more than wives and mothers.

Being married, and having children shouldn’t stop you from recognizing, refining and releasing these unique graces, gifts and potentials. You can be more while being a beautifully supportive wife and an excellent mom. as a woman, you were already uniquely wired and equipped to thrive in all of these roles and excel at them.

A typical example of a woman that was a thriving mom and thrived in all of her roles as a woman, wife and mom was the Proverbs 31 woman. She recognized, refined and released her potential as a woman, an individual and at the same time excelled as a wife and as a mom.

Youre probably thinking and saying hmmm, how do you know this? Well, permit me to show you that the Prov 31 woman was a thriving Mom.

The Scripture says in verse 13/24 that she seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands (skill), she makes linen garments and sells them and supplies the clothes she knits to merchants (business). This woman recognized a skill that was within her (the ability to knit wool and flax into clothes), and released it into a profitable business- She maximized her potential as an individual.

Again, verse 11/12/28/29 tells us that her husband’s heart safely trusts in her, and never has reason to regret it. She is never spiteful and does him good all the days of her life and as a result he rains praises on her- She was a beautifully supportive wife.

Then verse 28 tells us that her children rise up and call her blessedShe was an excellent mom

And then, verse 20 tells us that she extends her hand to the poor, and reaches out her hands to the needy- She contributed positively to her community/society.

This woman was a thriving mom in every sense of the word, thriving in all her different roles as a woman, wife and mother.

You too can be a thriving mom, who recognizes, refines and releases her potential for the good of her family and the society at large, all you need to do is to pay attention to your inner giftings, potentials and abilities,as well as the things you’re passionate and the vision GOD is putting in your heart for a particular sector in society.

It is time for us as women to rise up to the call of GOD upon our lives to be more than just wives and moms, and to positively impact our societies. GOD will not demand from you what he has not put in you. If he is calling you to be more it’s because he has equipped you to BE MORE and you cannot be less than the more, he has called you to be.

It’s time for us as women to rise to our unique giftings, potentials and abilities and embrace our strengths for our families and for the sectors he has called us to serve. Our voices must be heard beyond the four walls of our homes and in nations. We must arise and start to take our place in sectors and industries and start to turn the burdens he has placed in our hearts to real impact, making a difference and contributing positively to society while holding down it at the home front.

As tasking and demanding as this may seem, the Prov 31 woman is proof that this is absolutely possible and the THRIVING MOMS HUB is GOD’s avenue to show you exactly how you can do it.